Most luxurious and epicurean’s favorite collection.
A rich combination of high collagen booster, olive leaf extract, and skin cellular rejuvenation royal jelly. The rich luxury mix that is noticeably recognizable on skin with instant result.
With excellent antioxidant of polyphenol, equals to the anti-aging collection.
A beauty serum, made with pure wine yeast extracted and blended well with amino acid. Helping hyper-pigmentation, and achieve a beautiful clear skin glow.
NOE Series
Advance anti-aging collection.
Olive leaf was used as an ancient health and beauty method. Achieving anti-aging and recovery of skin with the help of antioxidants. Also this olive leaf extract series is suitable for fatigue, dry and sensitive skin.
Exquisite whitening collection
Cherry blossom leaf extracts improves the reproductive regeneration of the skin. Also superior in neutralizing skin problems, suppressing irritation, and improving rough skin with the addition of brightening and antibacterial effect.
The collection for classic basis of health and beauty
Brown rice is known for its well balanced superior nutrients. Pure brown rice beauty extract, with its rich well balanced components solving many skin problems and help regeneration with excellent anti-aging.
LR’s make up collection is all based on beauty extracts.
The original idea of inserting pigments in beauty extracts was inspired by Hollywood makeup professionals, who needed cosmetics that could be worn all day without causing any problems to the actor’s skin.